Dear Indian Food,

It’s been way too long.


Welcome back to my life (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Right now I’m devouring my leftovers :)

Last night I went couch shopping.

This is my couch as of 7pm Saturday. I’m pretty excited.

This weekend I’m hoping to introduce myself to my new downstairs neighbors…before they hear my treadmill.

I hope you like Indian…if not you should give it a chance!

Any exciting weekend plans?

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Protected: I’m going to start with me

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Currently I’m dealing with stuff.

It’s not the end of the world, but I’m also not wanting to blog.  I just want a semi-excuse out there for people who read regularly.

I’m still reading you.  And hopefully commenting.

But I am not going to be writing regularly until I feel like it again.  I may try to write soon, but I also may not.  I’ve been gone for a week or two and may be MIA for another week or two.  I will be back.  I may do a little here, a little there but no promises for a bit.

And when I’m back.  Really back, I’ll have tons to say.

Lots of exciting SUPER AWESOME stuff has happened recently that I’ll be sharing with you.  But not everything has been super awesome.

Hang in there.



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Morning Run: Imaginary

I did not make it.  It’ll be okay!  I am sore from yesterday’s workouts (run missed to not waking up, not soreness).

I’ll own it!

Here is a thought for today.


Have a great day!

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On Track Mondays

Weekends are hard on my diet and fitness goals.  During the week I’m much better at making meal plans and sticking to workouts.

For some reason on weekends I’m a pro at giving myself a pass.

Not the healthiest habit.

Like it or not (I need to fix the problem) Mondays are often undo damage/get back on track days.

Monday’s Workouts

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Worked me way more than I thought a 20 minute Level 1 workout could! But I am planning on moving to Level 2 after a few days.

JM was also nicer than expected. I thought she’d be yelling the entire time. She was nice ;)

Followed by a three mile run with M. My legs could feel the lunges!

Tuesday’s Workouts

6 a.m. solo run. Wish me luck. I’m not much if a morning runner (person). I’ll post a quick pic if I make it!

Post work: Shred.

Recently I found a 5:30 Zumba class near work. I’m excited to try it soon!


Taco salad!


Definitely in the top three of all salad genres.

I also prepped 4 servings of 3 ounces of taco meat for future tasty taco salads!



Do you rock weekends or work days?

If weekends are your strength, give me some tips!!!

JM fan or not? I know a lot of people either really like her or really dislike her.

I’m waiting a few days or different workouts to decide.

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Running Group

Reached all my goals!

Local Runners

Locally there are a few runners (not many).  They run 10+ miles hitting the most hills possible.  And maintain 8ish minute miles.

Which intimidates me like crazy!

Today they had an easy group run which I attended and won a coffee gift certificate!

I posted this picture in our fb group to show no-shows what they were missing out on!

I am not extremely comfortable running with others but I know it is good to step outside my box.


I ate a donut at one of my million meetings today (yes, made it to work by 7).  But balanced it out with two salads, a smoothie and possibly an entire watermelon.


Monster acting like he can swim, salad, summer flowers and glasses.

I’m headed to the eye doctor this week.  Should I get new glasses?

Thursday’s Goals

1.  Zumba (didn’t go Tuesday)

2.  Eat healthy

3.  Park

Are you getting tired of hearing my daily goals?  I think it’s helping me stay on track.

How often do you make new goals?

I saw a post earlier this week that really motivated me.  I’m going to share it soon (when I have more time).

Have you ever tried a running group?  Do you like running with others or solo?

Have a great night!

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One Useful Piece of Information


I know quite a few people either a) treadmill run or b) watch Netflix shows.

In the last couple of weeks Revolution (a new show from last season) showed up on Netflix.  I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! 


It is an ‘end of the world’ type show, where the entire world loses electricity.  The story follows a group of people going against the mean people :/

Not great substance, but an awesome suggestion for anyone looking for a new show.

I watched the entire season last year, but am re-watching it on the treadmill and it’s just as good the second time!

Tuesday’s Goals

Food, good
Monster, good
Run, done
Zumba, skipped


Hardcore Puppy!!!

Maybe I’m not made for two workouts a day.  I’m going to attempt Zumba either tomorrow or Thursday.

Wednesday’s Goals

Get to work at 7
Eat healthy
Run or Zumba

Monster won’t have any time in the torture chamber tomorrow so I’m not going to prioritize the park.

How was the beginning of your week?

Do you watch Netflix?  If so what show are you currently loving?

What show do you wish was on Netflix?

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